Hey students ! Did you know that you can run great marketing campaigns without leaving the dorm room?

Online brand management is key to early stage small businesses and Startups in particular can leverage students to help them with part time or contractual help. Students usually have very large network of friends and they usually understand social interactions better. They bring an authentic voice to the medium. Think about this. Without even leaving a dorm room, students with great writing skills can run great marketing campaigns on Twitter and Facebook and make good money on the side. Consistent branding across social media platforms is now critical with this continuously evolving landscape. Social media is changing the way the world does business and the way businesses reach their customers. Today, startups out there need help marketing their product or service. So why not match them up with students who are ready to build an online reputation for your product? In return Students get real-world experience, make neat income and startups get actual help. Students majoring in communication studies, psychology or business or marketing can make great social media experts. That said, any student with an interest in social media could be an asset. Students seeking careers in just about any area can benefit from social media experience in their resumes.

Students can flourish with their blogging skills since they can leverage a huge digital footprint.There are many students with specific traits who blog on different social media outlets from posting on Facebook and Twitter to blogging on Tumblr , answering questions on Formspring and now the latest craze Pininterest which is a creative outlet for students worldwide.

Aakanksha Sengupta

Campussmart Marketing & PR

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