I believe everyone has a hidden talent…

I always admired Oscar Winner Natalie Portman for being such a fine actor. But a lesser known fact about this beauty is her unbridled talent for science and innovation as a student. She was a semifinalist in the Intel science competition while in high school and then went on to study neuroscience at Harvard. According to an article by Natalie Angier, ” while carrying out her investigation into a new, “environmentally friendly” method of converting waste into useful forms of energy, and maintaining straight-A average she’d managed since grade school, Ms. Portman already was a rising movie star.” She was already acting in many big names like the Star Wars prequel trilogy before she went on to Harvard.

According to her mentor at Harvard, Abigail A. Baird, “There are very few who are as inherently bright as Natalie is, who have as much intellectual horsepower, who work as hard as she did. She didn’t take a single thing for granted.”

I believe everyone has a hidden talent. Some people just haven’t discovered it yet. For the vast majority of students, it could be a sports that they have never played but always wanted or an academic subject that they have not explored or a hobby that they think they would be really interested to pick up. Let us know what your hidden talents are. Drop us an email at flipgigs@flipgigs.com. We are particularly interested to hear from talented students. I know I might have a hidden talent for painting a wall mural for children’s rooms even though I am not great at traditional art. Maybe, one day I will finally take it up.

Aakanksha Sengupta

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