Why tutoring is a great part-time job for highschoolers and college students

Tutoring can be a great way for high school and college students to enter the workforce.  Not only does teaching others build relationships and provide help to those who need it, but it also reinforces the material that the tutor is teaching.  There is a saying that goes along the lines of  ”You don’t fully understand something unless you can teach it.”  This is definitely true in the case of tutors whose learning is reinforced with each lesson.  Here are some reasons you might consider if you are thinking about becoming a tutor:

<b> The Pay</b>

In addition, tutoring can be a financially rewarding job or gig for part time students.  Depending on your experience level, the subject matter, and the difficulty of the subject, tutors can earn decent money while teaching a subject they love.  Sounds too good to be true, right?  Well, teaching is no easy task and every person learns differently so you have to adapt to each person’s learning style and ability.  For example, if you love chemistry and love teaching it, be my guest.  Create an account on www.flipgigs.com and look for people who need your help.  However, be prepared to encounter people who may not share your passion for the subject and need help just to pass the class.

<b> The Flexibility</b>

Tutors are lucky enough to set their own schedules.  Maybe after school or lecture works best for you.  Choose the time that best fits your schedule.  Of course, plan your time wisely since even you have homework to finish and exams to prepare for.  Unlike a regular job you are your own boss which means that the hours you work are determined between you and your clients.  You can be as hard or lazy worker as you want, but your success depends on how much effort you put into finding and maintaining clients as well as the quality of your teaching.

<b> Impressive listing for the resume</b>

There aren’t too many resumes floating around that have “Tutor” written on them so having this experience helps distinguish you from other job seekers.  This can give you an edge when applying for high-level internships and jobs because it shows that you are educationally driven and able to work with others successfully and achieve goals.  What more can an employer ask for?

So if you’re still deciding if you want to be a tutor, first find the subject that you excel in.  Check out www.flipgigs.com and ask the tutors there how they like it.  They can provide you with tips and tricks to make you the smartest kid on the block.


Written by Henry Spivey for Flipgigs.

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