Keep a Job…Even After the Holidays!

During this time of the year, many companies that have been hiringĀ  just to fulfill the flow of potential increase of clients. But as the holiday season starts to end, so can many jobs. If you are one of those that have been hired because of this time of year, how can you ensure that you can keep your job, even after the holidays are over?

Here are a few tips:


1. Be punctual- It shows that you value your working time and also the time of others. It also shows that the job is really important to you.

2. Have Integrity- Allows the employer to trust you. In most cases if they like you, they will hire you again if needed.

3. Hard work- It seems like a obvious one, but it is true! Even if it seems like there is nothing to do, try to talk with a manager or supervisor and ask if there is anything else that you would be able to do.


In the end, hard work and enthusiasm for your job can move your boss to keep you in for the long haul. Try to get on his/her good side early, and show them why you would be a good candidate to work full or part time. Express to them how you feel about the matter. And who knows? Maybe you will be able to keep your job even after the holidays!


Posted By: Kiana Valdez

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