How to Stay Sane While in School

August 6th, 2013

Here are some tips to keep you sane during the school year ahead!Don’t let the bed bugs bite! When you first move in, make sure everything is up to your standards. This should be taken seriously because you will have a miserable year if you don’t like your room-mate, the walls have holes in them, or your bed has bed bugs! Take the first few moments to take it all in and make sure you’re comfortable.

Relax! Dedicate some time out of every day to relax. I prefer right after my last class to come back to the dorm and do nothing :) Of course, that doesn’t last forever so 20 minutes is usually good. That’s enough to watch an episode of your favorite TV show or get a snack or socialize a bit.

Eat well! The college cafeteria is loaded with things you would probably reserve for a rat. Ewww! The chefs are focused on quantity, not quality. Keep your diet healthy, although I would recommend trying something new each week. Having the same old stuff every week will get boring :/

Get to know others! It has been proven, although I can’t find the study, that students who get to know their professors perform better relative to their peers. Like a subject that isn’t exactly your major? That’s OK because professors enjoy hearing other students’ passion for a subject. Other than getting to know your professors, making friends and connections will help you while in school and beyond.

Stay organized! College is all about time management. With so many distractions it can be hard for students to stay organized. Getting behind on an assignment can mean pass or fail. Don’t panic, however. Keeping a to-do list and a calendar will help big time! Most of all stick to your schedule (or at least try to!)

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Written by Henry Spivey for Flipgigs