About Us

The Problem- A Personal Story

Not so long ago our founder Jayati decided to help her talented teenage daughter Aakanksha look for a summer writing gig. Writing happens to be one of her daughter's many strengths. Sadly, they did not come across anything worthwhile and gave up their search after sometime. Students today typically have a plethora of skills that are indeed valuable. For those that love to write, earning money ought to be that much simpler. You would think that there are opportunities out there to allow them to write power reviews, high-volume blogs or forum posts. However, on some sites finding these gigs often means wading through garbage and scams. On some other sites, the poor response was perhaps because students and part-timers end up competing against businesses and professionals advertising their services where talent was largely ignored due to lack of experience. On some other popular sites she was alarmed to find inappropriate posts existed alongside "writing" gigs which made her question the integrity of the site.

Jayati and Aakanksha were convinced that there was not a single innovative platform that was out there which had a solution to the most vexing problem that they faced. That's how the idea to build a gig marketplace for part-timers and students with the idea of growing a network came to their mind.

What jobs will I let my daughter do ?

My daughter writes, design websites, babysits...

The Concept

At Flipgigs, we are trying to create a talent based P2P part-timers and student services marketplace connecting consumers and businesses with a motivated, affordable network of part-timers and students that are eager to take on part-time gigs and jobs. Flipgigs builds on the social profile and hence there is a greater trust associated with real identities unlike some other websites. It's not difficult to calculate your reliability, consistency, and responsiveness from the trail you leave as you engage with others on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. The incentive to be good is high as any negative rating has the possibility to be carried to the rest of the web through the social network.

Part-timers and students need a platform to find gigs, and consumers and businesses could use students and part-timers for gigs and jobs saving on huge costs. Much of popular culture would have you believe that most students are busy frittering away their loans and grants on lifestyle habits. However, in today's world high school and college students are faced with an enormous pressure to maintain a certain lifestyle. Companies are wooing students like never before. There is a constant need to earn money on the side while the world is dangling shiny things at their faces.

If you're academically capable, you could turn your intellectual asset into cash. If you are in the varsity school tennis team, make steady income on the side by instructing younger children who need tennis lessons or classes. Flipgigs is the best place to find the right barista, the person who could clean your lawn when you are on a budget, the guy who can take care of your pets while you are on vacation, the part-timer or student who can help you with internet marketing for a brand new startup or even website design and development.

The vast majority of parents today are finding it increasingly difficult to dip into their dwindling retirement savings to cough up hefty tuition fees or give into their children's demands. While at university, students often think that it will be challenging for them to financially support themselves. Well, think no more. Flipgigs is here to revolutionize the part-timer and student employment market.

The Team

Flipgigs was launched in beta in the Spring of 2012. Jayati is the Chief of Product and Quality at Flipgigs. She was most recently a Senior Executive at a mobile startup, DeviceAnywhere. Prior to that she has held technical positions at companies like Oracle Corp and Portal Software Inc. Jayati has a BS from Loreto College and MBA from Nanyang Technological University. Jayati can be reached at jsengupta@flipgigs.com.

Aakanksha Sengupta whose search for a summer gig inspired the idea behind the website is the Chief Campus Marketing Officer with Flipgigs and a member of the founding team. She is a sociable people person with a very deep interest in Consumer Psychology & Consumer Insights. She has been instrumental in creating campus marketing initiatives that has helped us acquire users, mainly high schoolers like her that are looking for opportunities. She is currently a senior at high school who has completed University Level Courses in Psychology at UC Berkeley and a rigorous course in Legal topics through EPGY at Stanford.

Sameer Hakim is Chief Marketing Officer. Sameer is a technology strategist advising startups on technology optimization, brand positioning and customer insights. He brings his marketplace experience from CommerceOne and eBay and specializes in growth-hacking, sales and marketing strategies. Sameer is a dual graduate in Computer Engineering and Physics and has MS in Electronics Engineering from University of Mumbai.

Yida Liu is VP of Business Strategy for Flipgigs. She has 10 years experience in strategic planning, product marketing, product/project management, and software design in high tech industries. Yida has a masters in engineering from San Jose State University and a M.B.A from Santa Clara University.

Our UIX/ web designer is Saurabh Gupta. Saurabh is a web geek and loves the outdoors. He is a UI/UIX Designer and Developer with professional experience in working with Branding, Design and Front-end Development as well as creating UI/UIX flows and guidelines.

Kishori is our UX Design Strategist and Product Manager. She is passionate about surfacing & synthesizing and has a MBA in Design Strategy program at CCA, SF. She has worked with AAA innovation group and Citrix labs as UX Researcher and Design Strategist.

Our team of advisors includes Sangeeta Chakraborty. Sangeeta Chakraborty runs the North America IT Business Management Professional Services practice and P&L at VMware. Prior to VMware, Sangeeta was Vice President at Digital Fuel Technologies running the ITBM services practice and was responsible for the successful exit and transition of the practice into VMware.

We are made of up highly talented and driven individuals who are passionate and enthusiastic about what we do. At Flipgigs, our mission is to build a platform that connects part-timers and student service providers directly with consumers and employers thus creating opportunities for students and part-timers with flexible ways to build multiple streams of income